The Intelligent Traffic Light, or Advanced Traffic System is the same equipment, developed by SDM. This Equipment have the purpose of increasing the interaction User/Traffic Light, making possible to take more rational and safe decisions.
Installed in all most 60 Brazilian cities, we can observe the solid approval for the users: pedestrians, drivers and cyclists.
The Equipment With Time Information, need to be approve in rigorous quality examination, and test, before leaving our company.

Controller SDM:
The Controller developed by SDM for Advanced Traffic Sistem, as great like the Traffic Lights, they too needs to be approve in rigorous quality examination, and tests operation in our Laboratory.
New Model:
Our company was invited to participate in the program Creation Paraná 2005, that it seeks to introduce the Design in innovative companies. He was hired a Designer that developed this new traffic light model then. This Advanced Traffic Sistem, has the illumination done with leds, and adapted to norms and climatic demands for export. This equipment was exposed in the Shopping Estação in Curitiba of May 19 on June 20.
The traffic light is an unpublished equipment, with patent granted by INPI-RJ, checking the SDM exclusiveness in the production and commercialization of the Conventional Traffic light with Auxiliary Information of time.
So that a signalling equipment can be implanted and used in public roads, it is necessary that he is foreseen in the Code of Traffic Brazilian or authorized by Contran (National Council of Traffic).
The Intelligent Traffic Light, received the authorization in 1996 after to be approved in rigid tests in the operation areas, maintenance, interaction with the users and for traffic engineers on the use impacts, that this traffic lights, on the road.
Research of Opnion:
Prize Volvo of Safety:
Advanced Traffic Sistem,. In 1994 the Advanced Traffic Sistem received the 8th Traffic Safety Volvo Award.